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Angelic is dedicated to serving the unique needs of faith organisations across Australia. Recognising the critical role these institutions play in offering spiritual guidance, community support, and comfort, we specialise in providing tailored insurance and risk management services that ensure their continued ability to serve their congregations and communities effectively.

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Our Expertise & Commitment

To The Faith Community

With a deep understanding of the faith sector's insurance and risk management needs, Angelic is committed to providing specialised solutions that reflect the diverse requirements of our clients. From small community congregations to large faith-based service providers, we offer expert advice and support tailored to each organisation's specific needs.

Faith Communities Challenges

Faith-based and religious organisations face a myriad of challenges that can impact their operations, from property damage due to natural disasters to risks associated with congregation activities and volunteer participation.

The complex nature of these challenges, including safeguarding against theft, vandalism, and liability claims, requires specialised insurance solutions that address the unique needs and risks of faith communities.

Our Services for the Faith Communities Industry

Our comprehensive insurance solutions are designed to protect the diverse aspects of faith-based and religious organisations' operations, ensuring peace of mind for both leaders and their communities:

Property Insurance

Coverage for buildings and contents against damage from storms, floods, fires, theft, and vandalism.

Liability Insurance

Safeguarding against claims made by third parties for property damage or personal injury.

Cyber Insurance

Protection against data breaches and cyber threats, crucial for organisations holding sensitive congregant information.

Vehicle Insurance

Tailored policies for church vehicles, from buses for Sunday school outings to cars for clergy, ensuring safety and compliance.

Management and Professional Liability

Protecting the organisation's leaders and officers from claims resulting from alleged failures in duty.

Protection of Vulnerable People

Ensuring the safety and well-being of vulnerable community members, especially children. 

Volunteer Worker's Accident Insurance

Essential coverage for volunteers, providing benefits for injuries, disablement, or death during their service.

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