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Angelic Legal Solutions offers specialised insurance broking and risk management services tailored for the unique challenges of the legal industry. With extensive experience and deep industry insight, our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive strategies and solutions for legal professionals.

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Our Expertise & Commitment

To The Legal Community

Angelic is committed to supporting the legal sector with our expert knowledge and innovative insurance solutions. We understand the intricacies of legal risks and are dedicated to ensuring our clients can practise with confidence and security.

Legal Industry Challenges

Angelic recognises the resilience of the Australian legal market, particularly its year-on-year growth amidst challenges like talent turnover and tech adaptation. We offer tailored insurance and risk management services, addressing the sector's unique challenges such as professional risks, data security, and client confidentiality.

Our solutions, shaped by market research and feedback from legal professionals, are designed to robustly protect the financial and reputational interests of law firms and practitioners. This enables them to confidently navigate the evolving legal landscape, ensuring their security and stability.

Our Services for the Legal Industry

Our services cater to a broad spectrum of legal professionals, from individual lawyers and barristers to large law firms.

Some of the products we offer include:

Professional Indemnity

Protecting against claims of negligence or breach of duty.

Cyber Insurance

Safeguarding against data breaches and cyber threats.

Public Liability

Covering third-party injury or property damage claims.

Business Insurance

A comprehensive package for property damage, theft, and business interruption etc.

Management Liability

Protecting against allegations of mismanagement and regulatory actions.

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