Your 20s and 30s is the perfect time to explore the world, build a career, find a partner, buy real estate and live large! Ensuring your future is protected often does not make the top of the list, because, well, "she'll be right". Right?

However, as important as securing a home and building a life appear to be the right places to focus your finances and attention to, not having financial security can jeapordise these efforts and other aspects of your life. Which is why taking out the right life insurance policy is important, at any age.

Accidents can happen

Being physically fit while you're young and staying on top of your health is great, but accidents can occur any time. Particularly while you're most prone to taking risks and testing your limits on etiher a sports field, the ocean or even the road. Even though you might think there isn't much to lose, it's important to remember the loans you have taken out, outstanding credit card debts and any mortgages you might have. Would'nt it be great to have some protection in place to ensure that if a tragedy strikes, you're not burdened with financial stress?

Illnesses are inevitable

It is good to stay on top of regular health checks in your 20s, even if there aren't any visible symptoms. Dr. Tony Bartone, Australian Medical Association Vice President, advises keeping a close eye on skin abnormalities, pelvic and testicular examinations. As you age into your 30s you might even take better care of your mental health, alcohol and drug use and manage your thyroid function, Dr. Bartone suggests. However, the unpredictability of life makes it impossible to know what's around the corner. That is where life insurance gives you peace of mind and ensures that you are prepared at any stage of life.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance can help to ensure your family – be it your parents, your partner or your young children – isn't left with a financial burden if you're no longer able to provide.


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Life insurance


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