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Angelic is a leading provider of insurance broking and risk management services, specifically tailored to the unique needs of the sports industry. Our team of experts combines decades of experience with a deep understanding of the sports sector's distinct challenges and opportunities.

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Our Expertise & Commitment

To The Sports Community

At Angelic, we are dedicated to supporting the sports industry with expert advice and innovative solutions. We understand the unique pressures and high stakes involved in sports and are committed to providing insurance products and risk management strategies that reflect these challenges.

Our aim is to ensure that athletes, teams, leagues, and sports organisations can focus on their passion for sports, knowing they are protected against a multitude of risks. Whether you are an individual athlete, a sports team, or a large sports organisation, our team is ready to assist you with specialised insurance and risk management needs.

Complexities of the Sports Industry

The sports industry is characterised by its dynamic nature, facing a range of challenges and risks. These include managing the physical and mental well-being of athletes, the safety of events, and the protection of properties such as stadiums and training facilities.

The sector is also navigating the impact of technological advancements, changing fan behaviours, and the evolving global sports market. The COVID-19 pandemic has particularly highlighted the need for resilience and adaptability in sports, with significant revenue losses and the disruption of traditional sporting events.

Our Services for the Sports Industry

Angelic provides a comprehensive suite of insurance and risk management services to various sports entities, including athletes, teams, leagues, and organisations. We focus on delivering tailored solutions that address the specific risks and challenges of our clients.

Some of our services include:

Athlete Well-being

Ensuring the physical and mental health of athletes with comprehensive insurance coverage.

Event Safety

Providing risk management strategies for the safe and successful execution of sporting events.

Property Protection

Offering solutions to safeguard sports facilities against damage and loss.

Technology and Cyber Risks

Addressing the digital threats faced by sports organisations in an increasingly connected world.

Business Resilience

Assisting sports entities in developing strategies to adapt to changing market conditions and unforeseen events.

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